Blockchain Tech, the Future

I recommend everyone who uses money or the internet start learning the basics of blockchain, as it is proving to be a very valuable technology that, like the internet, will drastically revolutionize the way societies (advanced biological & advanced robotic) relate to each other.

Blockchain, (the technology that Bitcoin is based off of and now 100’s of other companies are adopting) is doing to the banking industry what the internet did for mainstream media—provide diverse alternatives to centralized systems who’s nature it is to become corrupt. With distributed ledgers and smart contracts, blockchain and tangle technologies will swiftly replace outdated technologies.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies & other blockchain based companies who prove themselves in this new, ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) will become increasingly more valuable than their older generation of fiat currencies like the dollar—which is backed by nothing and printed by private centralized companies who profit off of the global financial system as a whole—manipulating it at will. These new technologies will soon be considered more reasonable than their older generation of governance—the way we run our world with ‘rules’ & ‘rulers’.

Now with these systems like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash, their is a new possibility—as revolutionary breakthroughs bring—to upgrade. No ones to say which of these companies, if any, is to become the next Google, but the technology they wield is enough to quickly build and soon launch the next phase of the internet—where whole societies are connected online including smart street signs, smart chairs and self driving cars.

This transformation is in the hands of humanity right now. There are many constructing this vision everyday, which is why I say, ‘start learning the basics of blockchain now, as it is proving to be a very valuable technology that, like the wave of the internet, will drastically revolutionize the way we relate to each other.’

We need as many conscious people aware and participating in the designing of this new world. We cannot let corrupt agendas seep into this hopeful bridge, away from banks who fund terrorism, away from dishonest politicians & toxic corporations who will now be held accountable by sophisticated systems.

Even technology comes from nature—every component from minerals and materials here on planet Earth. If we work with the planet and use her technological gifts we are given mindfully, it is my hope that we can coexist and create a more peaceful and reasonable world, for ALL.

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Proud of the Land

I am so proud of the land; patriotic to the earth. I value my liberty and that is why I love being a citizen of planet Earth. I know some enterprises will try to take my liberty away, [🇺🇸] but I can just ignore them and keep my vibration high. I know that I am more powerful than any false law or ignorant group of people who try and cast their intolerance on others. But I stand strong with awakened ones as a warrior of peace and continue to transmute these toxic frequencies with my collective. We are defining the new culture as these false empires fall.

Divine Health… It’s Your Birthright!

addicted-mind Maintain an Inner Locus of Control

The world is a reflection of you. Thanks to the age we live in, with information exponentially available to us at our fingertips, what used to be esoteric wisdom or specialized knowledge is now modernly articulated and readily accessible Truth for us all. That means we do not belong in the victim role. It means you have the power, you always have, but this fact is no longer suppressed. Now, the challenge is to embody this power fully, which is contrary to many peoples imprinted tendencies and habitual patterns that so many of us have been living without this realization.

Distraction/Illusion: the maya

The media is good at fear mongering, and will still maintain the illusion, the maya. We live in such a time when outdated societal structures still trudge along even though they are truly obsolete. These structures preach to look outside for salvation, they insist on sticking your children with needles, to visit your doctor regularly and take drug ‘solutions’ supported by dominator culture. But what if you really didn’t need any of this? What if all you needed was to turn inward, was to return home? The kingdom of heaven is within you and thus the potential for unconditional happiness and innate healing.

The Trap of Global Consensual Propaganda: It Ain’t Nothing New…You Can Break Through!

Some of us are long down a path of unfulfillment. This is the path endorsed by mainstream-culture, it is a trap and this post is to encourage those who are not ‘too far gone’ to think for themselves, to save themselves BEFORE it is too late. Your intuition is whispering, “there’s something more,” and “you are greater than any outside agent.” Be skeptical of anyone calling themselves an expert while discrediting your feelings. There are many who follow the herd, but remember Jesus is a shepherd and he taught us how to live like him. Christ realized God-Consciousness and it was his greatest gift to show us that we can too. Many studies are designed to produce only the results that fit in line with industry, pharma, and the desire to control the masses. The solution is to occupy yourself. Occupy your mind and actions. Realize you have choices. Stop asking the doctor for all the answers, they were trained by the pharmaceutical company’s curriculum. This modern industry uses maya to cast so many under its spell. But we still have choice. A good documentary to watch is called American Addict. This film is a good place to start, but do your own research. We have all been deceived by the maya, but knowledge is power. (This does not mean all doctors are misinformed. There’s a place for everything and some emergency situations involve emergency solutions, but before it becomes an emergency, practice prevention.)

Stay Brave

If you are on the fence and want to discuss self-empowered alternatives to chemical treatments please ask me. There are energy solutions. There is so much plant-based medicine available which renders over ninety percent of pharmaceuticals obsolete. Chances are your doctor won’t mention them. Living without these chemical interventions is possible for most of us. Please listen to your heart before allowing these agents to insert needles in your children. It is your place to disagree with this touchy issue, but it is my place to offer this advice that is crucial for the health of future generations. You know the answer in your heart—do not waver. This is an evolutionary choice. These kids are very special, very strong and we must do everything in our power to protect them. This includes nourishing them correctly, going out of your way to breastfeed if possible (nature’s best vaccine), being skeptical of any ‘professional’ who may discredit you and your intuition. We are at a place in our evolution where our archangels are encouraging us to let go of fear. We must adopt a lifestyle of wellbeing. We cannot consume processed products that lead to a sick society. Step outside, be a warrior in life, and be brave enough to do what’s right even if it goes against the grain. No one said transmuting the frequencies of Earth would be easy, but it is possible and happening now. Know that our allies are working along side us. If it doesn’t come from a place of love and light we must call it into question. Question ‘authority’ whenever it is assumed before you. Your temple is sacred and deserves to be treated as such. By reclaiming your power you remember you are infinite. Stay well! Prosper & Flourish!!

The Gestation of Gods: Introduction to my first book I’m publishing soon!

“What we need is the intelligent management of the Earth’s resources.”

—Jacque Fresco


Like many Americans, I was born into a Christian family.  At the same time, we grew up in a culture of consumption that still today, strives to exemplify the United States, as much as baseball and rock’n’roll.  As a middle-upper class family (living very comfortably, but we didn’t have millions,) we were embedded in a web of corporate deception and political dysfunction that our modern societal structure handed us down, however we were not awake enough to realize the effects this enchanted civilization pressed on our shared biosphere; not yet fully aware of the amiss culture we represented—one of grand indulgence.

I was told that God created everything, that we all were born sinners, that Jesus died to save us, and that someday God would return, bringing Heaven to Earth, dispelling all evil.  (This implied for some that the mess we make here on Earth will someday be replenished by a Supreme Being, instead of focusing on being responsible stewards of this Sacred Space, which demands our respect–care for the project of being.)

As I got older, I became dissatisfied with the answers I received from my elders, the church, public schools and the state.  I had deep, genuine questions that were dispersed by heavy laden dogmas.  The scientific explanations I encountered were often laden with dogma too.  This restriction of knowledge has contributed to an anti-enlightenment attitude throughout the mainstream scientific community, whether individuals have possessed it consciously or not.  This perpetual, flaw in method, is due partially to the voice of science historically yielding to the stagnant predilection of the church, which attempts to pull veils over the whole story—our authentic history.  However, the church no longer holds as strong of an influence globally over mainstream education and science.  The process of mainstream education currently is maintained by formal, white collared, academic, Ivy League boy’s clubs whose ‘authority’ has established dominance over current scientific conversation.  These clubs do not protect Truth as much as they protect wealth, and their own at that.  The real juicy knowledge is concealed, masked, even ridiculed, and certainly not offered to the public.  These ‘academic authorities’ greatly influence the nation’s core curriculum, engineered for the standardized, public education system, to be consumed by the masses.  Many alternative topics are suppressed before being properly weighed and considered honestly.  This quickly brings important concepts into the realm of ‘conspiracy’ as not to be taken seriously by the public or the nation.

I started to question all the beliefs I had ever collected from this culture and taken on as ‘truths’without real evidence.  I wrote them down and examined every belief I could think of—clearing out a ton of intellectual garbage—but not overnight.  This process involved discovering other value systems from the cultures and traditions of humanity’s past, even before Christ, the Old Testament or the Vedas.

When I was twenty years old, I embarked on a psilocybin mushroom trip as a part of my exploration of consciousness—continuing the tradition of our shamanic heritage as humans.  I felt incredibly lucid during this experience (reality seemed more ‘real’ than my natural state without the drug.)  

I was being energetically charged as flashes of realization showed me that our well trusted, allopathic health-care system is fundamentally corrupt, although, only a small pie slice of practitioners are privy to the larger strategies involved.  (This was just one of many industries designed to exploit free-citizens for a profit driven creed.)  Many ‘standard’ doctors cannot even be entrusted with our healthcare because they have been indoctrinated in med-school that: ‘For every issue, there is a drug-solution, for every patient, a drug-product that will help.’

Even though many of these practitioners set off to help others, they are often led astray as the medical curriculum revolves around the pharmaceutical industry’s doctrine of health.  Plant and energy medicine are not readily considered by this stagnant ‘standard’ because the financial investment is already in chemical solutions—these patented, costly drugs that are lobbied relentlessly to doctors.  But do not take my word for it, look for yourself and conduct your studies with an open mind, while seeking evidence-based research and information.  Consider the words of developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton:

The fact is that it is not in the interest of the fossil fuel industry to recommend other technologies. This is the same situation in the medical industry. Since energy medicine does not serve the financial interests of the chemical-selling pharmaceutical industry, conventional medicine has no interest in endorsing energy healing modalities…

This experience of consciousness expansion for me was like a seed that was planted into fertile soil.  I began doing diverse research as my questions multiplied.  I found that the FDA and EPA are composed of many individuals who had a previous history of working for the chemical companies they were supposed to regulate, infiltrating government health agencies from the inside and influencing important decisions. It is a conflict of interests when former Monsanto researchers and lobbyists go on to become FDA directors or USDA administrators, yet it has been allowed to take place in this system.  

I began to realize that the government, as it acts abstracted from real people in society, was not working to dissolve corruption.  Nope, the government has become a key enabler in the whole enmeshed power monopoly.  The protective mechanisms of our government that were intended to preserve our civil liberty have slowly been eroded by corporate interests and now the government has cracked like an oyster—opening our republic for business—even above public interest if necessary to maintain profit.  But we must preserve our pearl humanity!  

In fact, we do not even have true democracy in the US and our federal policies, priorities and actions no longer reflect the wishes of the public.  The United States is a polyarchy on its way to full-fledged oligarchy, where those with the most money rule through purchasing elections and bribing those who stand in the way, but it need not continue in this fashion.  Currently, it is the money that talks when it comes to politics.  That is why one must raise at least $50 million in order to qualify for the campaign to be president of the United States and that bar is rising.  Obama’s last presidential campaign raised over $1 billion in 2012.  And the donors who contribute to the campaign and write Obama’s checks are the individuals who craft his actions and his presidency.  Just like all presidents down the line until you get to JFK, the last honest president in my opinion.

Government is like culture, its purpose is to distract and scatter our unity.  It is not our friend.  I am not referring to a specific country’s government or culture.  Instead, I’m referring to those individuals who pull legislative strings globally and work very carefully to manipulate societies and governments without accountability.  Russell Brand calls them trans-national corporations.  Whatever you call them, they are trans-national gangsters and global cartel ringleaders.  They have the ability of working outside of the law because they do not belong to a specific governing body.  These ‘corporations’ exist as independents with a strong grasp on global politics, yet have little concern for global human happiness nor much reverence for nature.  Their ‘ruling’ class and ‘privileged’ positions yield them special sway and amnesty with legislative systems globally.  Just check out ALEC.

All the while, 80 percent of the world’s population earns less than $10 a day.  Over 20,000 people die of hunger and hunger-related causes every day, according to the United Nations.  These are our brothers and sisters who have been marginalized.  Privileged societies are separated from this reality with an entertaining, distracting, busy way of life, yet injustice is still real.  The gap between the rich and the poor has increased so much now that 85 of the richest people have as much wealth as the lower 3.5 billion worldwide.  Yes, under a hundred people own just as much as half the human population globally.  It does not take a genius to recognize the instability of this disparity.


Our current public education system is designed to white-wash souls and indoctrinate the youth with misinformation.  In 2015, American federal spending of tax dollars contributed 2 percent to education and 16 percent to military.  What does this say about priorities?  Let us change and be a nation that focuses on education and learning instead of fear and propaganda.  In a true democracy, each taxpayer would get to choose where their money is going.  Instead, US tax money funds wars around the world (national security or defense) and corrupt correctional facilities which are businesses in and of themselves traded on Wall Street.  The US has spent over 1.5 trillion taxpayer dollars on weapons and wars since 2001, including the war on ISIS, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Do your own research on military spending.  There are some staggering numbers awaiting you.  

I do not want to focus on the negative aspects of humanity, but they must be addressed and rectified.  Violence begets violence.  Our nation needs to be a better example.  The United State’s military actions have been provoking and pissing off the rest of the world with their own version of terrorism (I say this because there are often innocent casualties when we wage violent retaliation.)  However, America is not the only source of corruption.  

Eventually, I gained a responsibility to join in the movement for a better humanity.  A policy that is rooted in harmony and efficiency.  People are going to remain upset if they do not have tangible equality.  And that is the case now.  Currently, we do not have equal opportunity for every individual worldwide and have reached gross inequality that equates to oppression at a very deep level.  We cannot call ourselves civilized until this is resolved, and the powers-that-be are not interested in making this possible because they do not want to share.  We must take responsibility, all of us, and understand that the systems in place have slowly been tweaked throughout the decades in order to favor only a small portion of the population.  This has been done with the assistance of unjust ‘law’ professionals throughout a superficial financial-market system and corrupt legislative task forces, manipulated by parasites in our global community.  

We cannot count on celebrity-politics to restore this malfunction or bring peace.  We must boycott and march, as well as come together.  We must implement healthy changes within ourselves, stay consistent and learn to trust our intuition.

The ‘leaders’ of nations have let us down with their neglect and deceit.  The presidents have repeatedly endorsed companies like Monsanto and Koch Inc who are known to be contributing to unnecessary chemical pollution due to unhealthy practices, just to name a few.  The Federal Reserve and other private groups have a monopoly on our global economy and we need to make it something much more sacred.  These forces will continue to breed memes of separation if not challenged.  We need not allow ourselves to become defensive though.  That is how we keep losing.  Instead, we must respond consciously.  We can come together, like the rhythmic body works as one for a common goal—to flourish.  It is the forward evolution of humanity that will re-enliven our common love.  

One place to start I think, would be to offer quality, free education as commonplace throughout the globe.  There is no reason people need to go deep into debt to achieve credentials.  Of course some specialty schools may have tuition, but there needs to be better public options.  As long as true education, from unbiased, comprehensive sources is not a focus, there will always be a slave-class and this ‘lower-class’ is growing.  Also, debt is not a necessity for a healthy economy—that follows an attitude of scarcity.  We have enough resources to share if we can just manage them efficiently and responsibly.  

For starters, we must sponsor local fruit and vegetable gardens, cooperatively maintained inevery community.  If everyone invests a few hours a week cultivating these spaces, then we can all reap the shared harvest.  

These simply put, yet break-through revolutions are needed in order for us to thrive sustainably on this planet for future generations, and they will enable us to ditch our dependence on centralized federal bank monopolies all together.  We need to kick our habit for a superficial monetary system that has got us so strung out.  We need to build a healthy infrastructure—one that supports our dreams.

Remember, I’m not suggesting anarchy or communism.  All these labels have kept our hands tied and prevent us from changing anything, even when necessary.  What I’m suggesting is a Resource Based Economy with a more humane structure that serves all.  Because if the people do not do a thing about it, we are facing a preventable fascist future.  We have the tools already.  We must start by managing our own resources responsibly.  Individually, we choose what we invest our attention into and our wealth, and cultivate this Healthy Revolution.

Throughout my journey, I have learned to maintain optimism.  Optimism is a divine gift.  Without it, chaos ensues.  With it, we can build what we desire, as well as disperse calcified, ornery strongholds.

As I have learned to forgive my family, I have learned to forgive myself and embark on this beautiful journey of opportunity.  Years after my parents divorced; after much transformation and healing, my mother became a yoga instructor and introduced me to the practice.  I fell in love and went on to become a guide myself.  Spirit continues to guide me and I continue to learn today as there is no complete doctrine.  We are always evolving, always becoming what we need in order to best serve ourselves and the universe.  I found that each family supports this system because we are all apart of One family and it is up to us all to make it better for our children.  

Along this path I discovered a deep passion: to facilitate healing in others, or to put it more accurately, remind others of their innate healing potential.  The Human Mind-Body System aligns with harmony if not interfered with, achieves equilibrium in a healthy environment.  I went on to become a holistic nutritionist as this seemed of fundamental importance to me—a way to be of service in this modern, fast-paced society.  Not only do we need to be nourished by whole, vibrant foods, but we must abstain from many of the toxic substances available to us modernly.  This includes ridding our own bodies from the parasites who plunder our energy and influence food addiction.

For me, yoga and nutrition were the stepping stones on a path that attributed to the mind-shift of my twenties.  This all stemmed from my earlier investigation into Shamanism.  The Shaman is a healer in his or her community practicing timeless traditions and instigating rights of passage.  This sage figure works with the spirit of nature, while navigating the many layers of existence, using plant medicines from deep in the jungle as sacraments or rhythmic vocal and instrumental trance induced ceremony, holding space for transformation throughout the tribe and the land.    

According to legend, Shiva bestowed the discipline of yoga to us, which offers simple or intricate practices, from meditation to pranayama, asana, and tantra.  Shiva is also said to be the father of shamanism.  

As I discovered more on my path of health and wellness, I grew very excited by the many sub-categories of nutrition including herbal healing, traditional super-foods, and the importance of high-vibrational foods.  All foods affect consciousness and have an energetic signature, but not all are created equal.  

Aside from my background, this message is no cookbook.  If anything, it is a call to action.  We can change our conduct.  We must change in unity or we will perish in unity.  So I began to ask myself, “what can I do about it?”  

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

—John E. Lewis

This story is based on my life experiences and lessons I have been learning since I began waking up a decade ago… I’m no adorned sage or formal scholar.  I am a seeker of truth with a spirit for justice and have learned to trust my intuition.  I’ve learned to balance skepticism and intuition, understanding my emotions multi-dimensionally.  

Halfway through writing this book I embarked on a two day vision quest in Sedona.  I went on my own, without food, into nature and created a medicine wheel—a sacred space where I stayed at the top of a mountain.  I stepped out of the cycles of my everyday life, stood outside it among the gorgeous red land.  Here I was able to view my life through a larger perspective and sort some things out.  I examined my life and tapped into some of the wiser aspects of myself.  What I have discovered on my whole journey so far I have attempted to portray here.  

I have come to realize that this story is all of ours, while we all live different versions and speak with diverse voices.  We are writing our story right now.  Let us begin to build a future our children’s children will be proud of.  Please enjoy The Gestation of Gods.

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Why You Are Probably Smarter Than Your Doctor

My wife, Shadae and I started seeing a conventional obstetrician last year in Phoenix when we were pregnant with Zion.  We already had 2 midwifes, who worked together and a doula, but we didn’t want to totally out-rule the allopathic side without experiencing it ourselves.  It had been years since either of us had seen a regular doctor because we had made the decision long ago to live a healthy lifestyle, where herbs and pure foods are our best medicine.  I also had studied yoga and holistic nutrition for about 5 years.  Despite how educated regarding wellness we were, we wanted to see for ourselves if there is any merit left in visiting a modern ‘western’ doctor.

Not far into our first appointment, Dr. Neil Trachenberg wanted Shadae to take home a glucose tolerance test and bring results for the next visit.  This was a procedure that we had already opted out of with our midwives, but he insisted.  I had to be firm in telling him no.  We had already weighed the risks.  My wife is very petite and is not in risk of gestational diabetes.  So why should she drink this processed sugary concoction that probably contains GMOs?  Might as well drink a coca-cola or Wendy’s frosty before taking the test!  We have been so conscientious to eat only pure, vibrant foods while she’s pregnant.  Why eff it up now?  Call me a purest but in the business of making babies, nutrition is KEY.

Then he tested us for STDs which we already had done with our midwives.  He insisted on doing everything again, which I can understand why he wanted to, but he didn’t even ask us and acted superior whenever we asked questions.  For instance, he wanted us to get monthly ultra-sounds, but we decided not to do more than one because of the inclusion of ethyl mercury as a preservative, as well as other unwanted metals and neurotoxins that are linked to autism.  The doctor said there is no evidence of autism or harm, and that they are proven safe even though we were convinced otherwise.  He also tried to schedule Shadae an ultra-sound with a cardiologist because of her heart murmur which many people have, including her dad and myself and doesn’t indicate anything significant.  The allopathic approach: so aggressive, so dissective, and not very personal.

We decided not to continue, the doctor was not sensitive to our birth plan and it showed the way he told us, ‘home births are dangerous.’  We felt we were doing great, already in our second trimester with no complications.  We continued with the regular midwife visits and looked forward to the arrival of Zion.

A week later, Dr. Trachtenberg’s office left a voicemail with us, wanting to discuss results.  They wouldn’t discuss over the phone and we needed to go back into that sterile, stiff office.  We went in to see him, he sat us down, and handed us some papers.  “Your tests results came back HIV positive.”  Stark silence.

What?  Impossible!  We already tested and were clean!!!!

In shock and disbelief, I asked him, “is there was anything else?”

“Isn’t that enough?”  He asked and went on to add, “So you have this heart condition and we need to look at this STD thing.   That makes your pregnancy high risk now.  I hope you’re midwives are capable.”

We left and broke down outside of the office for a minute, gathered ourselves back to the car and called Sarah, our main midwife.  She asked us to stay calm and get the paperwork from the doctor so we could read it to her.  I went back in to get it.  He left us with no initial follow-up information.  It wasn’t a real appointment, we just agreed to meet so he can tell us the pressing news he was trying to get to us.  I brought our results into the car and called Sarah back.  From the looks of it, she showed reactive for an HIV antibody and negative everything else.  We had to visit a specialist and get retested.  The doctor did not mention this.  He just gave us scary reasons why we should continue working with him as our healthcare provider.

There was two weeks of uncertainty, and learning to make peace with the possibilities.  I tested myself and was negative, praise God.  We finally learned that Shadae too was negative and we could go on with our birth-plan without any medical interventions.  Going to the OBGYN was like shaking hands with the devil and then riding back to the surface on a chariot of fire.  This experience scared the hell out of us and further empowered us to take authority over our own healthcare.  Not that all doctors are this negligent, but their expertise is in situations of serious dis-ease and have nothing to do with prevention or natural options.

Doctors turn to pharmaceuticals as the primary solution for most sickness and discomfort.  And unless they educate themselves on the side or became a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor, they are still ‘professionals’ trained under the same allopathic system of healthcare.  Since so many people put their unquestioning faith in doctors, they have become targets for business like pharmaceutical companies that have modernly become meshed into the ‘standard’ healthcare system, endorsed by the ‘affordable care act’ which has left many disappointed and unsatisfied.

Please share your stories and let the culture be made of self-empowered individuals who have taken charge or their own wellness and become professionals of their own being 🙂




I have been contemplating patience lately as I loose it on the road and see others yelling and honking. It’s holiday season in the west where I live and I notice everyone’s nerves are lit up like Christmas trees. But I do still hear a small voice whispering patience. And I decided to raise an ear. What better way not to miss opportunity than patience. What a time to be thorough by the natural of patience and surprise ourselves this season, observing all the beauty that this new lense, this adopted practice affords us. Especially when we’re busy.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!